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ACS has been in business for over 20 years providing Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York areas with Computer IT.

You don't stay in business that long without a great track for getting the job done.

Professional Services


Automated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS) combines technical excellence and business consulting experience to create technology solutions that achieve challenging business goals. Our clients benefit from our ability to bridge the gap between business vision and real-world technology implementation.

ACS technicians can provide complete and successful planning, analysis, design, programming, documentation and training for new software systems with virtually any business application.

Our custom application solution expertise spans the following areas:
  • Assessments of current Application and Infrastructure architectures
  • Infrastructure and Software Support
  • Business Intelligence
  • Database Design and Development
  • Data Warehousing / Data Architecture
  • Service Oriented Architecture Services
  • Rich Interactive Application (RIA) Development
  • Service Management / Help Desk
  • Microsoft .NET Development / Web Development
  • CRM
  • B2B Integration and Optimization
  • SharePoint Implementation

To further investigate whether Consulting Services from Automated Computer Services are right for your organization, please contact us at


Experienced in a variety of languages, operating systems and software applications on different types of hardware platforms. In most cases the programmer will work as a member of a team from client supplied specifications which may be from written or oral instructions.


Experienced in system design, creation of programming specifications and programming. Most Analyst/Programmers offer expertise utilizing various databases and/or data communications in a variety of hardware platforms. Able to work independently or with a team to provide user interface.

Senior Analyst/Programmer

Well versed in IT and may provide expertise for specific business applications. A background in user interface complemented by excellent writing and communications skills. Planning and Project Management expertise are available through the Senior Analyst/Programmer.

Management Consultant or Specialist

Extensive IT and/or "high tech" skills as well as a broad background within a variety of industries, applications, languages and systems. Has the ability to solve business problems in relationship to IT requirements.